Fairytale Timeline

01/15/14 - Met in Naropa class 

Our first meeting was in Contemplative Christianity first day of the 2014 Spring semester. The class was taught by our now wedding officaint Stephen Hatch. We gained a friendship by Christopher offering to take me to the Nalanda campus for my next class on Fridays. Chris still states it was a good idea at the time and I was JUST trying to be NICE.

05/19/14 - Cross Country Road Trip 

By the end of our semester of class, Christopher decided to ask me to join him on a cross country road trip. Leaving from Boulder, headed up to Devils Tower/Bear Lodge in Wyoming, to the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota, and dropping me off with my family in Iowa, and him heading back to Oklahoma by himself. It was a whirlwind trip of camping, hiking, nature, wildlife and memories. Chris will say once again that he only intended to be nice, and had every intention of leaving me in Iowa, but I simply kept following him. 

09/01/14 - Moved in together

By September Chris moved into my small Boulder apartment, I had planned to rent with two gals from Naropa. One roommate quickly decided to live elsewhere and we had an openning for a roommate. Chris and I had discussed moving in together that December, but we decided that between the libaray resources for Chris's thesis and my health that moving in more quickly was a good idea. 

03/09/15 - Announced engagement 

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Not long after Chris bought me a pretty little opal ring from a vintage jewlery shop on Pearl Street, and the wedding plans began. 

12/24/15 - Wedding Ceremony 

Soon we will be coming together to say our vows at the Westminster Butterfly Pavillion on Christmas Eve. Pictures will be uploaded after the event. 

04/16/16 - Celebrating our marriage 

We will be having a reception celebration of our new marraige in the spring, to be held in the Tulsa area. More detials to come as we approach the event.